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decarbonizing high-performance composites

The most ecological solutions can also provide the best performance

At PDA, we’re passionate about wild places and alpine sports. Located in the heart of the French Alps, we’re a small but dedicated team working to create and deploy solutions that reduce the climate impact of the outdoor equipment we use, as well as technologies like electric vehicles and wind power, that society is relying on for a carbon-neutral future.

Our approach is inspired by the ultrarunner’s mantra: “relentless forward progress.” We’re not claiming to have perfect solutions now, and we know we’ll face challenges on the way. But we believe in being aggressive, starting now, and improving continuously so that future generations can enjoy the places and experiences that give richness and meaning to our lives.

PDA is the expression of three clear values

Unwavering Passion

Passion drives us – it is the same whether we seek new technical solutions, or fresh powder on a backcountry ski day.

Collaborative Achievement

We're a team on a mission. Everyone’s contribution is valued. Results happen because we all do what’s needed.

Bias Towards Action

We learn by doing. It's OK to fail. If we don't, we probably aren't trying hard enough. We learn and iterate forwards.

Pda ecolab

Founding team

Lance Johnson CEO & Technical Director
Gillian Gover COO & Marketing Director

We're hiring

Open Positions at PDA

We aren’t looking for people to “fill jobs”. We’re on a mission to reverse the effects of climate change, and we’re looking for people with the same passion to find sustainable solutions for high-performance durable goods manufacturing.

We love diversity in perspectives and backgrounds, and believe that great teams are much more than the sum of their parts. Finding a way to contribute – whether it’s in the job description or not – is what unites us.

If you have resilience and a drive to contribute to the fight against climate change; if you aren’t afraid to push beyond your comfort zone; and if being a great teammate is top in your priority list, get in touch.

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